Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day one

Crystalline laid down to rest, the day had gone by so fast it seemed, but boy was it a good one.  She had been in a Coma for the last 23 days, today..........she woke up.  The business of the hospital, changing of the staff, and of course, not going outside, caused the day to just pass by.  But Crystalline  didn't mind; she was awake, and she was alive.

Crystalline, 22 couldn't remember details about what happened before the coma.  She just knew she was feeling ill for a few days when she finally decided to head for the Urgent Care center.  Her neighbor, Catrina, found her passed out on the floor.  That was 24 days ago.  Today, however, she didn't feel sick at all.  In fact, she wanted so badly to get up, to walk around. She just wanted to go home.

Jennifer, 24 and Crystalline's roommate had really missed Crystalline's income.  Two bills were now past due; Needless to say, Jen was really glad Cris was coming home!

The first week home was odd for both girls; Jen felt a little angry that Cris had caused all this financial trouble.  Even though she knew it was not her fault, she was still angry.  Cris was just glad to be home.  She instantly went about cleaning and getting things back to familiarity.    After two and a half weeks of being home, Jen approached Cris about the bills and getting back to work.  Cris understood and agreed to get back to work after the weekend.  Three days ahead.   During the next few weeks, Jen began spending more and more time away until finally she let Cris know that she would be moving out in a week.  Naturally Cris was freaked out.  How was she going to cope with the bills? How was she going to stay in the apartment?  She didn't know what to do,
so the next day, Cris began to pack.